Katy Boden Textiles Designer
22nd October 2012

Over the weekend I brought printing ink and purchased different materials for me to start experimenting with. All the materials I brought will be added up at the end of my project to see if I budgeted myself correctly in my project proposal. I have now started to experiment with print and mark marking on fabrics and different variations of paper. I want to keep within my theme when it comes to colour so most of my project will feature black as an outline and bold colours for the inside of the design.

Below is an image of a lino print that I did based on one of the embroidery patterns I created last week in visual studies based on patterns in knitting. When it comes to Lino and mono printing I’m not brilliant at keeping the patterns very precise and I want to start adding this into my designs because the 1920s art deco patterns where very straight and precise.

During the afternoon I decided to make a project plan of what I’m going to complete in the time remaining. Even though I made a time plan at the begging of the project I want to make sure I get some key things complete.

Making a portfolio plan with my lecture is also important when it comes to planning as I want to make my portfolio as successful as possible so when it comes to university interviews my project has a

6:04 am  •  25 October 2012