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1st February 2012

Collar Inspiration

In the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show the Collars were feminine and Delicate which are the two things that i want to bring into my Final Piece…

This Fashion Show Has Been Great Inspiration For My Current Art Project…

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27th January 2012

http://www.vogue.com/collections/spring-2012-couture/giambattista-valli/preview/#by Hamish Bowles


"elaborate draped scarf collars blossoming above" 

"lace flowers that are cut out and re-appliquéd to look like flights of butterflies trembling on a sprig of spring blossom, puffy organza blooms garlanding necklines, and sprays of hydrangeas that will frame his model’s faces"

Looking at the collars featured in Giambattista Vallihas inspired me because it has shown me that i can make my collar structured but feminine because the pieces featured in the show have delicate floral details and lace detail also soft colours including white and creams.

Giambattista Valli / Spring 2012 Couture
"The starting point for the collection is Valli’s desire to “support the work of all the couture ateliers—the embroidery one, the flower one, the fabric one, the lace—and going to the memories of what couture is for me, but in a light, modern way.”

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